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The Plastics Collection at SU Library is extremely grateful to the generosity of those who have made this collection possible. Please join us in recognizing and thanking:

$100,000+ “Plastics Legends”

Harry Greenwald
Greenwald-Haupt Charitable Foundation
Glenn and Patsy Beall

$50,000+ “Plastics Entrepreneurs”

$25,000+ “Plastics Manufacturers”

Plastics Pioneers Association
Plastics History and Artifacts Committee, Dewey Rainville

$10,000+ “Plastics Developers”

$5,000+ “Plastics Operators”

$1,000+ “Plastics Molders”

Joyce and Jack Eagle
John and Sue Kretzschmar
Richard Landis
Ernest T. Oskin
Robert D. Swain

The Plastics Collection is also made possible by the very generous gifts of artifacts, books, personal papers, company archives, and much more. Please join us in thanking:

Donors of books and artifacts (direct to Syracuse University)

Glenn and Patsy Beall
Dorothy Belcher
Lawrence Broutman
Richard Buonvecchio
Karen Calabrese
Jeanne DeBell
Linda Jean Ellis
Robert Fritz
David Furholmen
Harry Greenwald
Reindert Groot / Amsterdam Bakelite Collection
Samuel D. Gruber
David Harper
Alexander Holstein
John Kretzschmar
Anthony C. Mack
Jeremy Morgan
G. Marshall Naul
Allan Pacela
Dadie and Norman Perlov
Stanley Rosen
Irvin I. Rubin
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wise
Vincent L. Witherup

Donors of books and artifacts transferred from the National Plastics Center and Museum

Amorosi Family
Anne Marie Arnold
Ralph N. Backscheider
Janet Baron
Charles W. Bentley, Jr.
Richard B. Bishop II
Robert P. Burrington
Edwin Bushman Family
Cadrette Family
Irwin Casper
Louis Charpentier
Ronald E. Cook
Jarvis Dein
Dorothy Donatelly
Robert R. Dodd
Louise Doyle
J.Harry DuBois
Cathy Erickson
Manuel (Mike) Esayian
F. Reed Estabrook
Chet Fantozzi
Edmund Joseph Fitzgerald
Fosta-Tek Optics
Alice Redman Gooch
Bill Hanlon
Evelyn B. Hatchey
Claude Hill
Ruth Hopfman
Harold A. Holz
David Holder
G. Palmer Humphrey
Walter and Helen Kosy
Agostino Lamia
Saudra Lane
William Lane
Gar LaScotti
Pat Lasky
Keith Lauer
George Marshall
Adam Martin
Joseph McDonald
George McIntyre
Menchi Family
Arnold Meyer
Ed Michaels
Fred Middleton
Jack Milgrom
David R. Minor
Mary Morris
Doris Nichols
Clyde Palmer
Roland Peloquin
Melanie Pallotta
Mrs. Ralph Pallotta
Katherine Perkins
Plastics Pioneers Association
Wayne L. Pribble
Euclide Roberge
Florence Roberge
Dominick V. Rosato
Bob Elliot Sheldon Family
Richard L. Smith
George R. Smoluk
Society of Plastics Engineers Blow Molding Division
Specialty Minerals Inc.
Richard Tallman
Mrs. Islyn Thomas
Union Products, Inc.
G. Barry Whitcomb
Louella White
Valerie A. Wilcox
Armand Winfield
Zephir Family
Rosemarie Zannoni Folk