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Consult the growing historical database about the companies that have manufactured, designed and marketed the primary material of plastics; designed and made the machines to manufacture plastics; and created and marketed millions of plastics products.


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Union Carbide Co.

&lt;p&gt;Union Carbide &amp;amp; Carbon Corporation was incorporated on November 1, 1917 and acquired the stock of Linde Air Products Co.; National Carbon Co., Inc.; Prest-O-Lite Co., Inc.; and Union Carbide Company (formed in 1898).&amp;nbsp; In 1919, George

Union Cutlery Co.

&lt;p&gt;The Tidioute Cutlery Company was founded in Tidoute, Pennsylvania in 1897.&amp;nbsp; In 1902 Wallace R. Brown purchased Tidioute, and incorporated it as the Union Razor Company (later changed to Union Cutlery Company in 1909), for the purpose of manufacturing

Union Products Inc.

&lt;p&gt;Union Products, Inc., was founded in 1946 in Leominster, Massachusetts by James Sullivan, George Progin and two other partners.&amp;nbsp; The company was a manufacturer of plastic blow and injection-molded products until it closed in 2006. Union Products

United Comb and Novelty

<p>United Comb &amp; Novelty Company was founded by Eugene L. Tourigny in Leominster, Massachusetts in 1919.</p> <p>For more on combs see: K. Lauer &amp; J. Robinson, <em>Celluloid</em>, 1999, 66-83.</p>

United States Plastics Craft Corp.

<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>

United States Rubber Co.

<p>Chicago company manufactured U.S. Royalite.</p> <p>See:</p> <p>Advertisement, <em>Modern Plastics</em> (April 1950), 52-53</p>

Universal Veilcote Co.

<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>

Unlimited Plastics Co.

&lt;p&gt;New York, NY company.&lt;/p&gt;


<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>