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Aladdinite Co., Inc.

1919  - 

<p>This Newark, New Jersey, company was the first American manufacturer of casein plastics, which were introduced to the United States around 1919, mostly for use in buttons and dress ornaments, but also, according to an advertisement "in radio, for novelties, fountain pens, pencils, cigarette holders, beads and combs." <em>Plastics</em> (Feb. 1930, 66)</p> <p>The same ad touted the Aladdinite product as a "strong, druable, workable materials that is inexpensive, non-inflammable and sanitary.&nbsp; It machines easily because it is made form the finest quality of improted casein."</p> <p>Casein plastic was made using the enzyme rennet, which precipitated casein out of skim milk. The casein was washed, filtered, dried and ground and then mixed with plasticizers. The resulting compound was then pressed into cakes or extruded into profile shapes which could then be fashioned into specialized products by machine, which in America were then sold under the Aladdinite name. Hardening was achieved by of the final product immersion in a formaldehyde solution.</p> <p><a href="">For more on casein plastics, click here.</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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