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Abbiati, James Anthony

1941  - 

<p>James Anthony Abbiati is an American engineer and businessman who directs the Extrusion Division of Cincinnati Milicron (now Milicron Plastics Technologies).</p> <p>Abbiati has degrees in Industrial Technology and engineering and an MBA from the University of New Haven.</p> <p>Before joining Cincinnati Milicron in 1994, Abbiati spent fifteen years at Davis-Standard&rsquo; Extrusion Division in Connecticut where he served as Vice President and Executive Committee member, promoting a new technology center focus on medical extrusion lines, statistical process controls and resin-based screw development. At Cincinnati Milicron, Abbiati played an important role in the reorganization of the company&rsquo;s Extrusion Division of which he is president.</p> <p>Abbiati has been active member of the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), having served on the Machinery Division Board and on SPI&rsquo;s Planning, Strategic Management, statistical and Global Business committees. He is a member of the Society of Plastics engineers (SPE) and the Plastics Pioneers Association (PPA).</p>
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