Shellac was developed as one of the first natural plastics and is mentioned in ancient Indian texts.


Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is also known as silicone elastomer.  This was first produced in 1940 and continues to be used in applications where retention of properties at both high and low temperatures is needed. 


Silicone (SI)

Silicones are a family of semi-organic polymers comprising chains of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms, modified with various organic groups attached to the silicon atoms.


Soybean-based Fiberboard

Soy fiber and soy flour could be mixed to produce a simple fiberboard produced under heat and pressure, probably extruded in sheets.


Styrene (Polystyrene) (PS)

A family of hard, rigid, transparent thermoplastics which emit a characteristic metallic ring when dropped. Styrenes are free from odor and taste and burn with a sooty flame.