Fabrication is the process of working materials that can include the assembly or modification of preformed plastic articles by processes such has welding, heat-sealing, adhesive joining, machining and joining by mechanical devices.


Film Blowing

The process of forming thermoplastic film wherein an extruded plastic tube is continuously inflated by internal air pressure, cooled, collapsed by rolls and wound up on subsequent rolls.  The tube is usually extruded vertically upward, and air is admitted as the hot tube emerges from the die.  An air ring is often employed to control cooling.  Air is retained within the blown bubble by means of a pair of pinch rolls which collapses the film.  Thickness of the film is controlled by varying the internal air pressure and rate of extrusion.  Extremely thin films with some degree of orientation can be produced by this method.


Flame Spray Coating


Flame Treating

A method of rendering inert thermoplastics, particularly polyolefins, receptive to inks, lacquers, paints, adhesives and the like by bathing the surface of the article in a high oxidizing flame.  This treatment oxidizes the surface later of the article, making it receptive to coatings.

Source: Whittington, Lloyd R.  Whittington's Dictionary of Plastics (Stamford, CT: Technomic, 1968).