Machining of Plastics

Many machine operations commonly applied to metals are applicable to plastics with slight variations in tooling and speeds.  These include blanking, boring, drilling, grinding, milling, planning, punching, routing, sanding, sawing, shaping, tapping, threading and turning.  [LW]


Mat Molding

Low pressure method for handling a laminate filled with glass mat – a jackstraw arrangement of fine glass fibers uniformly distributed to form a thin, highly porous, felt-lie material – which generally makes use of metal molds and a pneumatic press. Pressures may be as low as 5 p.s.i.



A term covering all process by which plastics are coated with metal, including electroplating, vacuum metallizing and silver spray process.


Multi-material Injection Molded (double-shot injection molding)

An injection molding process in which the first molded part is removed from a mold and placed into a second mold where the other color of material is molded into, or onto, the first part.