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C. M. P. Corp.

<p>This Old Forge , Pennsylvania molding company manufactured many lines of kitchen and dinnerware including 'CMP Lifetime,' 'CMP Malibu,' and 'CMP Durawear."</p> <p>Source:</p> <p>Wahlberg, Holly. <em>Everyday Elegance: 1950s Plastic Design </em>(Atglen,


California Molded Products, Inc.

<p>This Santa Paula, California company produced the 'Durawear' line of molded melamine kitchenware.</p> <p>See:</p> <p>Wahlberg, Holly. <em>Everyday Elegance: 1950s Plastic Design </em>(Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, Ltg., 1999), 97.</p>


Canadian Marconi Co. Ltd. (CMC)

Canadian Marconi Co. Ltd. as the Marconi Wireless Telegraph of Canada Ltd., founded in Montreal in 1903. The comapny's name changed in 1925. Today it is named CMC Electronics Inc. and the company's principal locations are in Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Onta


Cardinal Corp.

Thomas J. Morton, Jr. founded Cardinal Corp. as an injection molding company in 1937, where he used that first Isoma machine (and two subsequent machines) to mold the first high-volume injection molding application in the United States, a shelf stud made


Catalin Corp. of America

The American Catalin Corporation was founded in New York, N.Y., in 1927. In 1929 the Catalin Corporation of America was incorporated with manufacturing rights purchased from the American Catalin Company. By 1942 the company had one affiliate in England an


Celanese Corp. of America

<p><strong></strong>The Celanese Corporation of America was formed in 1918 by two Swiss brothers, Henri and Camille Dreyfus who, spurred by the need for nonflammable film as a substitute for celluloid for the fledgling photography and motion picture indus


Cellonex, Italy



Celluloid Manufacturing Co.

The Celluloid Manufacturing Company is the original corporate name of the Celluloid Corporation. It was founded in Newark, New Jersey, 1872 by John Wesley Hyatt and Isaiah Hyatt to present celluloid to the world. The word &quot;celluloid&quot; was registe


Celluloid Novelty Co.

The first documentation of celluloid collars was by The Celluloid Novelty Company on December 22, 1875.


Celluloid Piano Key Company

The Celluloid Piano Key Company was founded in 1878, and licensed by the Celluloid Manufacturing Company on December 12, 1878 (Lauer and Robinson, 12), two days after the establishment by John Wesley Hyatt of U.S. patent 210,780 for the &amp;ldquo;Improve


Celluloid s.a.

<p>Located in Selestat, France. &nbsp;Products sold under brand names &ldquo;Eminence&rdquo; and &ldquo;Biodental&rdquo;.&nbsp; The company also manufactured products for private labels.</p> <p>Company catalogue available in <a href="http://library.syr.ed


Celluloid Varnish and Zapon Companies

<p>Merged with Crane Chemical Company in 1894.</p>


Celluplastic Corp.

<p>In the 1930s the Celluplastic Corporation developed fully automatic machinerary to manufacture dolvent-dipped transparent celluloid acetate containers.&nbsp; The process involved dipping the male mold shape in cellulose acetate solution, where film was


Chemgrate Corp.

Chemgrate (now merged with Fibergrate), today offers a wide selection of grates in ten resins and seventeen grating configurations. FRP grates are used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential settings for walkways, deck


Chemstrand Corp.

<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>


Chicago Molded Products Corp.

Founded in Chicago by Edward F. Bachner (1888-1974), the Chicago Molded Products Corp. was active in the development of machinery and processing innovations. In 1926 Bachner's company produced the first phenolic washing machine agitators and pioneered in


Christophery Iserlohn

<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>


Chrolithion Waterproof Collar and Cuff Co.

The Chrolithion Waterproof Collar and Cuff Co.was founded by James Libby in Newburyport, Masachusetts in the early 1880s. John Wesley Hyatt successfully took Libby to court in 1883 over patent infringement and the Chrolithion Company was dissolved. Source


Chrysler Corp.

<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>


Circulars Crib

<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>