Consult the growing historical database about the companies that have manufactured, designed and marketed the primary material of plastics; designed and made the machines to manufacture plastics; and created and marketed millions of plastics products.


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Daka- Ware

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Dandy Toy

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Danielson Manufacturing Co.

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Davis and Geck

<p>A surgical/medical device company founded by Charles T. Davis and Fred A. Geck in Brooklyn, New York, Davis and Geck specialized in the development and manufacture of surgical sutures and other surgical products. In 1930 the company was acquired by Ame


Davis-Standard, LLC

Davis-Standard, LLC is one of the oldest and most successful machinery producers in the world. It was established in 1848 as a cotton gin machinery manufacturer and began to manufacturer extruder machinery a century later in 1948 and by 1955 was making eq


De Luxe Reading Corp.

<p>Deluxe Reading was based in Elizabethtown, New Jersey.&nbsp; The company sold dolls and other toys under a number of company names; Deluxe, Deluxe Reading, Deluxe Premium Corp, Deluxe Topper, Deluxe Toy Creations, Topper Toys &amp; Topper Corp.</p> <p>


DeBell and Richardson, Inc.

<p>Chemical engineer John M. DeBell and mechanical engineer Henry M. Richardson joined together in 1943 to create the first dedicated plastics research and development firm in the United States. They had known each other since about 1930 when they had wor



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<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>



<p>Located in Germany.&nbsp; All materials in file are in German.</p> <p>Company catalogue available in <a href="">Irwin Casper Collection of Brush Product Literature</a>.</p>


Detroit Mold Engineering

<p>In 1942, I.T. Quarnstrom founded Detroit Mold Engineering (today&rsquo;s DME Company) to provide mold bases in standard sizes, ready for machining of the cavity.&nbsp; &nbsp;The company, which was purchased by Milicron Plastics Technologies in 1996 and


Detroit Plastic Products

<p>Erik Erikson founded Detroit Plastic Products in 1949. He pioneered the conversion to plastics of components such as pillar garnish mouldings and heater and air conditioning louvers.&nbsp; Under Erikson's direction, DPP pioneered the conversion to plas


Devine Foods, Inc.

<p>This Chicago companywas a pioneer in the develkopment of melamine, already recognizing its superiority as food storage container material in the 1930s.</p> <p>See:</p> <p>Wahlberg, <em>Hooly. Everyday Elegance: 1950s Plastic Design </em>(Atglen, PA: Sc


Diadem, Inc.

<p>The Diadem Manufacturing Company (Diadem, Inc.) was plastic manufacturing company founded in Leominster, Massachusetts by inventor Burnside Sawyer (d. 1931) in 1910.&nbsp; Sawyer invented plastic combs, a tempered steel caliper, and conceived new uses


Dimco Plastics

<p>Founded in Dayton, Ohio in 1924 as a phenolic plastic molder of knobs and handles, the company continues that tradition manufacturing a wide-array of plastic ball knobs, push-pull-lift knobs, oval and tapered knobs, tapered handles, fluted torque knobs


Dimensional Pigments

<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>



<p>Detroit Mold Engineering (today's DME Company) was founded in 1942 by Ivar (Ted) Quarnstrom to provide innovative mold bases in standard sizes, ready for machining of the cavity. DME continues to be an industry leader for mold technology products and s


Donaco Plastics Co.

<p>Chicago company.</p>



<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>


Dow Chemical Co.

Dow Chemical Co. was incorporated in 1897 as the successor to the Dow Process Company. 1n 1938, Dow acquired the Great Western Electro-Chemical Company. In 1935 chemical giant Dow entered the plastics business with the introduction of Ethocel ethylcellulo