Consult the growing historical database about the companies that have manufactured, designed and marketed the primary material of plastics; designed and made the machines to manufacture plastics; and created and marketed millions of plastics products.


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J. B. Foley & Co.

Syracuse, New York hardware company that made straight razors.


J. J. Krehbiel

New York based company manufactured machinery for manufacturing buttons, combs, fountain pens, and other articls for casein and composition products. Krehbiel also sold brush making machinery. Source: Ad, Plastics (Jan 1928), 33.


Jackson and Church, Co.

<p>Saginaw, Michigan molding company.</p> <p>See:</p> <p>Adversitement, <em>Modern Plastics</em> (March 1950), 19</p>


Jackson Associate Corp.

<p>Located in Taipei, Taiwan.</p> <p>Company catalogue available in <a href="">Irwin Casper Collection of Brush Product Literature</a>.</p>


Janet and Joe Herbert

<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>


Jessall Plastics., Inc.

<p>A. C. Gilbert Company's Junior Erector pieces were was molded of Butyrate structural members extruded by Jessall Plastics, Inc. of Hartford, CT. </p>


John A. Roberts & Co.

Utica Company.


John Corby, Ltd.

<p>John Corby LTD. is best known for their introduction of the trouser press in the 1930s.&nbsp; The company also manufactured the CounTess Mara Tie Press. </p>


John O. Butler Co.

<p>The John O. Butler Company of Chicago, Il manufactures Butler G-U-M dental equipment and supplies including toothbrushes, flouride applicator trays, denture and brdge care products, and dental floss.&nbsp;</p> <p>For catalogs see:</p> <p><a href="http:


John Oster Manufacturing Co.

<p>The John Oster Manufacturing Company was a manufacturer of small appliances founded in 1924 by John Oster, and produced manually powered hair clippers designed to cut and style women's hair. In 1928, they introduced a motor-driven clipper. The Oster br


Johnson and Johnson

<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p> <p>Company catalogue available in <a href="">Irwin Casper Collection of Brush Product Literature</a>.</p>


Jos. H. Meyer Bros.

<p>The Brooklyn, NY-based Jos. H. Meyer Bros. manufactured plastic faux-pearl beads.&nbsp; Meter Bros. extruded rods, ground the beads, and sold them under their brand name Richelieu.</p> <p>According to <a href="


Jule-Art, Inc.

<p><span style="font-family: Arial;">Jule-Art is a privately owend company that manufactures acrylic displays.&nbsp; The comany, located in <span style="font-family: Arial;">Albuquerque, New Mexico</span> since 1991, offers a selection of displays for use