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daSilva, Emidio Maria

<p>Portuguese moldmaker, worked closely with Irvin I. Rubin and Robinson Plastics.</p>


Davis, Donna S.

<p>David served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 2003.</p>


De Vos, Willem

<p>Willem De Vos was appointed Chief Executive officer of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 2012.&nbsp;</p> <p>De Vos was born in Belgium and recieved an engineering degree in polymer chemistry form industriele Hogeschool CTL in Gent, Belgium, an


Deanin, Dr. Rudolph D.

<p>Rudolph Deanin was founder of the graduate program in Plastics Engineering at the University of Massachusetts - Lowell, and was director of the program for over 30 years.</p> <p>He developed and taught courses to over 4,000 plastics and engineering stu


DeBell, John Milton

John Milton DeBell was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He graduated from MIT in 1917 with a degree in chemical engineering, where he was senior class president. Upon graduation he immediately entered military service as a Lieutenant in the Field


Delmonte, John

<p>John Delmonte was a materials engineer and an influential author whose achievements centered on the ever-expanding technology of modern-day plastics. Delmonte earned his B.S. degree at the New York University College of Engineering, and an M.S. at the


Dent, Harry M.

<p>Harry M. Dent founded Durez Plastic &amp; Chemicals Co. in 1921 in North Tonawanda, New York, as General Plastics, Inc., and changed to Durez in 1939. It quickly became a leader in the plastics industry, producing plastics for use in popular consumer p


Dietz, Dr. Albert George Henry

Albert G. H. Dietz was an American engineer best remembered for his role in organizing the design and production of the Monstanto House of the Future, begun in 1955 and made public in 1957. Dietz's helped inspire building design for plastics. He said &quo


Doak, Kenneth W.

<p>Kenneth W. Doak worked in the plastics industry for over 40 years, conducting and managing polymer research and development with emphasis on polyolefins, styrene polymers, and elastomers. He conducted fundamental research on vinyl polymerization with F


Dodd, Robert R.

Robert R. Dodd was a lifelong artisan, who specialized in making rings and other items out of discarded celluloid and other cellulose plastics. A selection of ten of his rings are in the Syracuse university Plastics Collection. He was born on November 11,


Douglas, Dr. Stuart D.

<p>Stuart Douglas recieved the Hyatt award in 1943 for his research in polymerization of vinyl compounds.</p>


Dow, Willard

<p>Willard Dow (1897-1949) was a chemical engineer and later president of Dow Chemical Company (1930-1949). He helped develop and produce of a wide variety of plastics materials, including cellulose ethers, polystyrene, polystyrene foam, saran, divinylben


Doyle, Bernard W.

<p>Bernard W. Doyle (1873-1949) was an early visionary of the plastics industry, and through his efforts a fledgling industry of small companies developed into an expanded industry of large-volume operations.</p> <p>Doyle founded the Viscoloid Company in


Dreisbach, Robert R.

Robert R. Dreisbach was co-recipient of the the Hyatt Award in 1946 for his work on the production of pure styrene and its polymerization.


Drexler, Leonard H.

<p>Drexler served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in1990.</p>


Dreyfus, Camille

<p><strong></strong>The Swiss-born Camille and Henry Dreyfus brothers were developers of the technology of cellulose acetate fibers, lacquers, and molding compounds, and founders of the Celanese Corp. (1923).&nbsp;</p> <p>Born in Basel, Switzerland, the b


Dreyfus, Henry

<p>The Swiss-born Camille and Henry Dreyfus were developers of the technology of cellulose acetate fibers, lacquers, and molding compounds, and founders of the Celanese Corp. (1923).&nbsp;</p> <p>Born in Basel, Switzerland, the brothers were educated in B


Dreyfuss, Henry

Henry Dreyfuss was a noted American industrial designer responsible for the 1937 design of the &quot;302&quot; telephone, produced by Western Electric. This telephone included the ringer within its rectangular housing. Dreyfuss's designs was influenced by


Druin, Dr. Melvin L.

<p>Dr. Mel Druin has forty years of technical R&amp;D, and management accomplishments.</p> <p>He is well known for his leading position in the development of microwavable and convenience plastic containers for frozen, refrigerated, and shelf stable foods.


DuBois, J. Harry

<p>J. Harry DuBois (1903-1986) was an industrial consultant in the field of petrochemicals and plastics and the author of several important studies on the history and technology of plastics.</p> <p>Born September 18, 1903, in Clarion, Iowa, DuBois began h