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Eastman, George

George Eastman founded in 1880 the firm that later became Eastman Kodak and Eastman Chemical Products. He was a pioneer in the development of emulsion-coated plastic film for use in box cameras and as motion-picture film. Eastman made photography accessib


Ehlers, Russell W.

<p>Russell W. Ehlers is the holder of several patents in the area of injection molding techniques for thermosets and ceramics, developed while he was a plastics researcher with the AC Spark Plug Division of General Motors Corporation. In 1954 he was one o


Ellis, Carleton

<p>Carleton Ellis was an American chemist, whose discoveries lay the foundation for the modern petrochemical industry.&nbsp; He was a pioneer in the development of urea-formaldehyde molding compound and unsaturated polyesters, and author of the first comp


Erikson, Erik

<p>An important figure in automotive plastics, Erik Erikson founded Detroit Plastic Products in 1949. He pioneered the conversion to plastics of components such as pillar garnish mouldings and heater and air conditioning louvers.</p> <p>Born in Sweden, Er


Estabrook, F. Reed

<p>F. Reed Estabrook&nbsp; was an American businessman in the plastics field. Born on February 7, 1919, he grew up in Newton or Dedham, Massachusetts. He attended Avon Old Farms School in Connecticut for two years (class of 1936) and Harvard University fo