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Gardiner, Jay L.

<p>Jay L. Gardiner, a tireless volunteer for plastics causes, has been active in service to the industry for more than two decades. He founded Gardiner Plastics Inc., a small resin brokerage in Port Jefferson, N.Y., in 1992.</p> <p>A longtime member of th


Gatto, Charles

<p>Charles Gatto was an early pioneer in the development of equipment and process technology for the extrusion of plastics pipe, tubing, and profiles.</p> <p>Charles Gatto was born in New York in 1922 and began his career in the extrusion field in 1943 wh


Gellert, Jobst U.

<p>Jobst U. Gellert holds 825 patents worldwide, 199 of them in the United States. With his wife Waltraud, he founded Mold-Masters Ltd., a hot runner manufacturer in Georgetown, Ontario, in 1963.</p> <p>Gellert is one of the most prolific inventors in Can


Gigliotti, Michael

<p>The editor of the March 2005 issue of the Stevens Institute of Technology alumni magazine, <em>The Indicator</em>, wrote, "Michael Gigliotti '42 could not stop smiling. The boy from Hoboken who became a pioneer in the plastics industry marveled at his


Gilman, Lucius

<p>Lucius Gilman was an Amercian chemist and inventor.&nbsp;</p> <p>He recieved his B.Sc, in chemistry from the University of Illinois and a Ph.D. from McGill university.&nbsp; He spent the early part of his career in industrial research in synthesis of p


Glickman, Irv

<p>Irv Glickman founded the Rodon Group LLC in 1956.&nbsp; The family owned custom injection molder specializes in small precision parts over long runs.&nbsp; Since 1987, the company has been located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, where it operates 106 inject


Goggin, William

<p>William Goggin was a versatile engineer who worked on the development of polymeric materials, an increase in the applicability of expanded polystyrene and saran, and an upgrading of the status of engineering materials.</p> <p>Goggin earned a B.S. degre


Goldsworthy, Brandt

<p>Over a nearly seventy year career, W. Brandt Goldsworthy (1915-2003) made enormous contributions in the development of pultrusion and developed much of the technology used in modern filament winding processes, the use of plastics in automotive applicat


Gore, Wilbert L.

<p>Wilbert "Bill" Gore made several major contributions to the plastics industry, as a pioneer in the application of Teflon polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin.</p> <p>After developing many applications of PTFE, Gore discovered that the material could be


Gossett, R. Kenneth

<p>Gossett served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1958.</p>


Graf, Jr., George L

<p>Graf served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1969.</p>


Grebe, John J.

<p>John J. Grebe ade important contributions to the plastics industry, including the development of polystyrene, Styrofoam, and Saran plastics.</p> <p>Grebe personally held 64 patents at Dow Chemical Co. in electro-chemistry, power generation, synthesis o


Greenwald, Harry

Harry Greenwald has participated in industry and business activities during his career. He has served on the boards of industry organizations such as the National Association of Plastics Distributors, International Association of Plastics Distributors and


Griffith, Henry E.

<p>Henry Griffith helped create the plastics container and packaging industry, through a unique combination of technical and marketing skills. Was devoted to the development and commercial introduction of basic innovations in rigid plastics for packaging.


Griffith, Palmer E.

<p>Palmer Griffith developed the technology of melamine-formaldehyde resins (1933) and their commercial use as molding compounds and laminating resins in the research laboratory of American Cyanamid.</p>


Gross, Sid

Sid Gross (1920-1990) was Editor-in-Chief of Modern Plastics and as such was the foremost plastics publication editor of his time. He immersed himself in industry affairs and was the primary mover in the founding of the Plastics Hall of Fame in 1972. Gros


Grote, Sr., William F.

<p>Walter F. Grote, Sr. was a pioneer and innovator in injection molding.</p> <p>Grote graduated from Fordham University in 1923 and then worked at an oxygen production facility in Portsmouth, Ohio before joining his father's manufacturing company, Nation