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Haas, Thomas W.

<p>Haas served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1982.</p>


Haine, Walter A.

<p>Walter Haine was an American chemical engineer and a pioneer in developing the technology of extrusion of polyethylene films and coatings, and in antiblocking compositions and heat-sealing techniques.&nbsp; He served as chemical engineer and plastics m


Hanford, William E.

<p>Dr. William Hanford was the co-inventor of polyurethanes and received more than 120 patents, most of them in polymer science. Though other work on PUR's was also done in Germany and led to the first commercialization of PUR's, Hanford's patent is cited


Harding, Ralph L.

<p>Ralph Harding led the SPI during the industry's most turbulent and crisis-filled times as Chief Operating Officer (1967-1981) of the SPI at a time when the organization helped the plastics industry overcome a variety of major obstacles.</p> <p>During t


Harper, David R.

<p>Harper served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1995.</p>


Harper, Irving

<p>Irving Harper was an American industrial designer.&nbsp; With George Nelson Associates he designed the Florence line of Prolon Ware for Pro-Brush Company.&nbsp; Harpoer was inspired by Japanese laquerware.</p>


Harrington, James P.

<p>James P. Harrington was an American engineer, educator, author and editor. &nbsp;</p> <p>He was rised in Lucknow, India, but returned to the United States to complete high school in New York. He served in an Army field hospital in the European theater


Heckman, Jerry

It is astounding how during some eras of our lives certain events rise to perihelion, combine themselves, and then grow to become significant factors in our lives. That is the story of Jerry Heckman, certainly one of the most well known, influential, and


Hedu, Jon

<p>Jon Hedu was an American designer and inventor born in Canton, Ohio. He graduated from McKinley High School, Canton, Ohio, in 1931 and attended the University of Ohio where he received a degree in art ca. 1935, when he began work at the Watertown Manuf


Heffelfinger, Dr. Carl J.

<p>Carl Heffelfinger was an American scientist prominent in the field of polyester film technology for three decades.&nbsp; In 1992,&nbsp; Heffelfinger received the Lavoisier Medal, DuPont&rsquo;s highest honor for scientific achievement.</p> <p>Heffelfin


Heintze, Walter T.

<p>Walter T. Heintze was an American product designer with a speciality in bottle and container design.&nbsp; He was responsible for the first custom-designed blow-mold palstic bottle created for 1947 for Anahist. Heintze also worked for the Fosteria Glas


Heller, Robert

<p>Robert Heller was an American industrial designer.&nbsp; He designed a modern toaster for A. C. Gilbert Company (<em>Modern Plastics</em>, May 1937, p 36).&nbsp; It was chrome plated with door handles of Bakelite.</p>


Hemming, Emile

<p>Emile Hemming was a pioneer in the development of cold-molded bituminous plastic.</p> <p>In France he developed the art of cold molding, and as an employee of Path&eacute; Fr&egrave;res, produced the first record disc there in 1900. He came to America


Hendry, James W.

<p>James W. Hendry is an American inventor.&nbsp; He was born in Scotland in 1920 but moved with his family to the United States in 1923.</p> <p>Hendry and his brother developed and patented the first successful screw-type injection system for plastic inj


Henry, Charles C.

<p>Henry served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1944.</p>


Hill, Claude

<p>Claude Hill was a professor of Plastics Engineering Technology at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. He pioneered the plastics program at the University</p>


Hobson, III, Edwin L.

<p>Edwin L. Hobson III was a pioneer in commercializing injection moldable polystyrene (PS), the first large-volume commodity thermoplastic. In 1938 Hobson became the first sales engineer for a thermoplastic resin product line when the Bakelite Company, t


Hoey, William B.

<p>Hoey served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1945.</p>


Hoffer, Robert A.

<p>Robert A. Hoffer was an American businessman and educator.&nbsp; He founded of one of the largest custom molding companies, he was a leader in promoting plastics education.</p> <p>Hoffer entered the industry after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree


Hogan, John Paul

<p>John Paul Hogan is an American research chemist who along with Robert Banks discovered methods of producing polypropylene and high-density polyethylene.</p> <p>Hogan was born in Lowes, Kentucky, and earned B.S. degrees in both chemistry and physics at