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Iannelli, Alfonso

Alfonso Iannelli was an Italian-American sculptor, artist, and industrial designer. Iannelli was born in Andretta, Italy on February 17, 1888. He came to America in 1898 and lived Chicago for most of his life, He studied to be a sculptor under Gutzon Borg


Idol, Dr. James

<p>At the Sohio laboratories in Warrensville, OH (1955-1977) Idol discovered a single stepcatalytic synthesis of acrylonitrile, thus making it a practical component for many useful commercial plastic resins and compounds for consumer applications and spec


Irvin, Howard H.

<p>Howard H. Irvin led the development of the &ldquo;Cycolac&rdquo; ABS Polymer business which made Borg-Warner the leading world producer of this tough and rigid polymer.</p> <p>Irvin was named 1965 Executive Vice President, Marbon Chemical Division in 1


Isaacs, Jack L.

<p>Isaacs served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1978.</p>