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Maccaferri, Mario

<p>Mario Maccaferri was a musician, inventor, and entrepreneur, who pioneered several markets and technologies, often combining plastics and music. He developed a plastic reed to replace cane in wind instruments. He also invented the plastic clothespin as


MacDiarmid, Dr. Alan G.

<p>Dr. Alan G. MacDiarmid was born in New Zealand and later became a naturalized U.S. citizen. He received Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Victoria University College in New Zealand and he received his PhD from the University of Wis


Mack, Anthony C.

<p>Anthony C. Mack is an American chemical engineer, inventor and product developer with a specialty in materials.</p> <p>Mack was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1940.&nbsp; He e graduated 1963 from MIT with BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering.&nbsp


Maddock, Bruce H.

<p>Bruce Maddock pioneered the adaptation of extrusion to thermoplastics. When he began this work in 1936, the process was used only for thermoset rubber.&nbsp; He was a pioneer in adapting extrusion to thermoplastics. His contributions include achieving


Magliolo, Jr., Joseph

<p>Magliolo served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1979.</p>


Maguire, Steve

<p>Steve Maguire is president and owner of Maguire Products, Inc., founded in 1977.&nbsp; He is an Amercian engineer and prolific inventor responsible for the introduction of new machjines and processes into the plastics industry. He has especially transf


Malloy, Robert A.

<p>Robert A. Malloy chairs the plastics engineering department at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.</p> <p>Malloy holds 14 U.S. and two European patents. He has been the principle or co-principle investigator for more than 70 funded research proj


Malpass, Dr. Vivian E.

<p><span class="style1">Malpass is the president and sole proprietor of Tek-Mark International, founded in 1996. </span></p> <p><span class="style1"><span class="style1">Malpass received his PhD and B.Sc in Chemistry from the University of Wales, UK.</spa


Manship, Paul

Paul Manship was a leading American figurative sculptor of the 20th century. Manship's most famous work is the statue of Prometheus at Rockefeller Center, New York. He also created a number of portrait busts and many high relief commemorative coins and me


Mark, Herman F.

<p>Herman F. Mark was a pioneer in the development of polymer science and technology. As a professor at Polytechnic Institute of New York he helped establish the Polymer Research Institute, developing complete curriculum in polymer chemistry and technolog


Marra, Frank S.

<p>Frank Marra played an important role in the worldwide expansion of injection molding. He has contributed to the expansion of the injection molding field and has been a leader in industry causes such as plastics education.</p> <p>The son of immigrants f


Marshall, Abraham Lincoln

<p>Abraham Marshall was manager of General Electric Company's chemical research department, 1933-1961, which led to polycarbonates, polyvinyl formal wire enamels, irradiated and chemically crosslinked polyethylene, glyceryl phthlate resins, and direct-pro


Martin, George W.

<p>Martin served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1960.</p>


Martin, Sr., Harold

<p>Founder of GloPak Corp.</p>


Martinelli, Guido (Guy) A.

<p>Guy Martinelli.&nbsp; served as a President at Sylvan Plastics, Dimensional Pigments, and American Polymers, before founding Accolade Plastics and Chemical Associates - consultants in the area of mergers and acquisitions.</p> <p>Martinelli held many ad


Marvel, Carl Shipp

<p>Carl Shipp Marvel was a polymer chemist whose research in synthetics stretched from World War I-era octane development through World War II rubber substitutes, extending to a fire-resistant fibre worn as space suits by American astronauts.</p> <p>Marve


Maynard, Waldo

<p>Maynard was an American chemist who discovered in 1847 that pyroxylin was soluble in a mixture of ether and ethyl alcohol forming a substance he call "collodion."&nbsp; <span style="font-family: Verdana;">Collodion was used extensively in early photogr


McConnell, Jr., William K.

<p>William. K. &ldquo;Bill&rdquo; McConnell is a leader in the thermoforming industry.&nbsp; He is president of&nbsp; McConnell Co., Inc., consultants to the thermoforming industry.&nbsp;</p> <p>Much of McConnell'swork is done in manufacturing analysis, a


McCormick, William S.

William &quot;Bill&quot; S. McCormick Widely was an expert in feedscrew design, and held several patents while employed at NRM Corp. as Director of Research and Development. Bill was a pioneer in the process of both the open and closed cell foamed styrene