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Nalle, Jr., George S.

<p>George S. Nalle is an American inventor and entrepeneur.&nbsp; His invention and commercial development of process for the direct extrusion of nonwoven netting has generated many unique end-use applications.</p> <p>Nalle, Jr. developed a process for th


Naul, George Marshall

G. Marshall Naul is an American chemist and plastics molder and an historian of the early plastics industry. He joined Bakelite (Union Carbide) in 1940 and entered the molding material development laboratory at the New Jersey factory, working mainly on ra


Nelson, George

George Nelson was an American architect and designer with a strong interest in the use of plastics in architecture. In September 1943 Nelson was featured in a ad campaign by Monsanto, which highlighted ideas for &quot;Plastics and your future.&quot; Nelso


Neustadter, Arnold

<p>Arnold Neustadter was an American inventor and businessman. &nbsp;Born in Brooklyn, New York, he attended New York University and was employed at his father's box factory. In 1938, Neustadter started a company called Zephyr American that manufactured a


Neward, Lance M.

<p>Neward served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1993.</p>


Nissel, Frank R.

Frank Nissel co-founded PRODEX in 1956, and became a leader in building extruders and extrusion lines for the sheet extrusion field. In 1967, Nissel became President of Welex, Inc. , a world power in extrusion equipment. His contributions have been direct


Nixon, Lewis

<p>Naval architect Lewis Nixon founded the Nixon Nitration Works in 1915 to manufacture cellulose nitrate, used in the production of celluloid and other early plastics. The nitrate made the material highly flammable, but at the works cellulose nitrate was


Noble, Ralph A.

<p>Ralph Noble was a co-founder in 1961 of Carlew Chemicals Ltd. which later became Synergies Industries, a Canadian-based company listed on the Montreal and Toronto stock exchanges. As the first Sales Manager (later Vice-President and then President), en


Noyes, Eliot

Eliot Noyes was an American industrial designer. Working for the General Electric Company in 1954 he designed the Wonder House, a pavilionlike space as a fiberglas-polyester tentlike structure that curved down at the corners to fully enclose the space. Se