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Rahm, Louis Frank

<p>Frank Louis Rahm was a teacher, writer, and authority on the fundamentals of plastics technology.&nbsp;</p> <p>Rahm began his career in 1921 as a designer of processing equipment. He later founded the graduate level Plastics Engineering program at Prin


Rainville, Dewey

<p>Dewey Rainville (b. 1923) pioneered the development and promotion of the blow molding industry in the United States. In 1958 he introduced the first blow molding machine into the United States, manufactured by Blowmatic in Denmark.</p> <p>Born in Los A


Redman, Lawrence Vincent

Lawrence Vincent Redman (1880-1946) was a Canadian chemist and a leader in the industrial applications of plastics. Born Robert Lawrence Vincent Redman in 1880 in Oil Springs, Ontario, Canada, he earned his degree at the University of Toronto 1908 and stu


Reib, John C.

<p>John C. Reib is a pioneer in the field of auxiliary equipment for plastics processors. He developed the first automatic vacuum hopper loader and the first on-the-press automatic loader/color blender, which made possible automation of material handling


Reinecke, Jean Otis

Jean Reinecke was one of the msot succesful and innovative Amercian industiral designers of the twentieth century. Reinecke was born in Bourbon County, Kansas. He attended Kansas State Teachers College, then moved to St. Louis and attended Washington Univ


Reinhart, Frank W.

<p>Frank W. Reinhart was Chief of the National Bureau of Standards Plastics Section from 1952-1962.&nbsp; He directed and participated in research to develop ASTM standards, particularly for plastics pipe, used widely by engineering groups and code author


Reynolds, Frank W.

<p>Reynolds served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1961.</p>


Richardson, Henry Martyn

Henry Richardson was an American engineeer who served as Chief Engineer for General Electric's Plastics Division and became co-founder of DeBell &amp;amp; Richardson, Inc.. He established production for a wide variety of plastics material processes and ap


Robb, Wayne F.

<p>Wayne F. Robb designed the first molded polyethylene hinge product, a plastic bottle top with a hinged closure, for the Shaw Insulator Company in 1945. Robb designed many early spray devices and closures.</p> <p>See:</p> <p>DuBois, J. Harry. <em>Plasti


Robertson, Harold

<p>Harold Robertson was the iventor of polyvinyl butyral, which made possible the manufacture of laminated safety glass.&nbsp;</p> <p>Robertson was inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame in 1977.</p>


Robitscheck, P.

<p>P. Robitscheck and C. Thomas Bean, Jr. of Hooker Chemical Company developed the first flame-retardant polyester resins.</p>


Rohm, Otto Karl Julius

Otto Rohm was a German chemist, co-founder of the chemical and plastics giant Rohm &amp;amp; Haas, and discoverer of a synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate which was launched in 1933 as Plexiglas. R&amp;ouml;hm studied pharmacy at the universities of


Rosato, Dominick V.

<p>Dominick V. Rosato (1921-2004) was a prolific writer of technical books and materials and a pioneer in early military applications of plastics.</p> <p>Rosato began his career as a tool maker with Schram Industries. He worked his way up to become a jour


Rosato, Donald V.

Donald V. Rosato has spent his lifetime in the plastics industry - beginnning as a boy assiting his father, Plastics Hall of Fame member Dominck Rosato Rosato received his BS Chemistry from Boston College; his MBA from Northeastern University; an M.S. in


Rosen, Stanley R.

<p>Stanley R. Rosen received his bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Buffalo.&nbsp; He was then employed as chief engineer at Tronomatic Corp. where he designed and built many types of thermoforming machinery, molds


Rosenstein, David

<p>Ideal toy Company (1956).</p>


Rossiter, Edmund Charles

Edmund Charles Rossiter was an English chemist best known for his invention in the 1920's of thiourea formaldehyde, better kown by the tradename Beetle. In 1893 Rossiter became chemist to the Oldbury Syndicate, out of which developed the British Cyanides


Roth, Merrill R.

<p>Merrill R. Roth was an Amercian molder and mold maker.&nbsp; He began work with the American Hecolite Denture Corp. in 1928 where he worked until 1944. The company had sixteen hand-operated presses molding (celluloid) blanks for dentures.&nbsp; roth di


Rothman, Abe

<p>Abe Rothman founded Rialto Products, a New York company that began as the Rialto Button and Wood Products Company. In the 1930s the factory was located at 147 Baxter Street, New York City, where wood frames, zipper pulls, and locks were manufactured. I


Rowan, Sr., Edward

<p>Edward Rowan was an American busiinessman active in many aspects of the plastics industry.</p> <p>Rowan born in New York City on March 29, 1913 and graduated from Yale University in 1935 with a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, he