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Schad, Robert

<p>Robert Schad is a Canadian businessman and founder of&nbsp; Husky Injection Molding Systems of&nbsp; Bolton, ON.</p> <p>Schard&nbsp; immigrated to Canada from Germany in 1951 with two years study in mechanical engineering, and founded Husky in 1953 to


Schaffhauser, Robert J.

<p>Schaffhauser served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1983.</p>


Schmitt, George P.

<p>Schmitt served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1980.</p>


Schnell, Dr. Hermann

<p>Hermann Schnell was born in Gaienhofen, Germany in September 1916. After completion of his military career he began studying chemistry and physics at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany where he studied under Professor Hermann Staudinger (N


Schonbein, Christian Frederik

<p>In 1845, Schonbein was the first chemist to accomplish nitration of cellulose using nitric and sulfuric acids.</p>


Schulthess, Paul

Paul Schulthess was a chemist with a specialty in pigments. He was born in Switzerland and was recruited to America at the turn of the 20th century to teach Americans at the Visculoid Manufacturing Company in Leominster, MA, how to put color in plastics.


Schwab, Dr. Frederick E.

The Germany of 1918 was a broken country, defeated in the Great War and stripped of much of its wealth, while the Treaty of Versailles limited manufacturing and research. The year also marked the birth of the Weimar Republic, with a new constitution inten


Scribner, George

George Scribner was founder and President of Boonton Molding Company and a pioneer in developing plastic molding techniques. Born in Boonton, New Jersey, to Edwin and Annie E. (Thompson) Scribner, he graduated from Princeton University in 1913 and then st


Seabury, Richard W.

Richard W. Seabury was General Manager of the Boonton Rubber Company in Boonton, New Jersey, which had been founded by his father-in-law edwin A. Scribner, in 1898. Seabury subsequently acquired a controlling interest in the company. He then developed an


Seibel, Ben

<p>Ben Seibel was an American industrial designed particularly known for his tableware. He began his studies in architecture at Columbia University, where he also studied painting and sculpture. After returning from service in the army he changed to indus


Semon, Waldo Lonsbury

<p>Waldo Lonsbury Semon was an American chemist who discovered how to plasticize PVC, a development that led to the widespread use of PVCs. Semon is also known for developed widely-used plastisol technology and many other innovations in plastics.</p> <p>B


Seymour, Dr. Raymond B.

<p>Raymond B. Seymour was an American chemist.</p> <p>As a research scientist for Goodyear Tire and Rubber in 1937-39, he produced and patented their first synthetic plastic, which was sold under the trade name of Pliovic, and was used as an alternative t


Shapiro, Earl

<p>Earl Shapiro was a lawyer and businessman who founded and led&nbsp; thermoformer and extruder Prairie Packaging Inc. from its 1986 startup to sales of $500 million in 2007.</p> <p>Shapiro was born into the family that started <span class="hiliteq">Swee


Shapiro, Harry

<p>Harry Shapiro was a Chicago businessman who was co-founder, with his three brothers, of the Sweetheart Cup Co.&nbsp; He was born in Chelsea, Mass., the youngest child of a Russian immigrant who came to the United States at the turn of the 20th Century.


Shaw, Frank Henry

Frank H. Shaw born and educated in New Jersey. He began work at the Shaw Insulator co. when his father Henry M. Shaw was president. After serving as vice-president and general manager of the company the younger Shaw became president in 1936. Shaw develope


Shaw, Louis E.

<p><span class="Text1">Louis E. Shaw was an inventor and businessman.&nbsp; At Shaw Insulator Co. in 1928 he invented the transfer molding process of thermosetting materials, which greatly broadened the market for thermosets in moldings with intricate sec


Sherman, Robert W.

<p>Sherman served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1966.</p>


Sherman, Robert William

<p>Robert William Sherman was born outside Chicago in Norwood Park, Illinois.</p> <p>Sherman entered Columbia College's School of Accounting in 1948, but as&nbsp; sophomore he entered the College of Engineering, and was a work-study student with the Bakel


Sherwood, Miller G.

<p>Miller Sherwood developed injection molding production and introduced many plastics products into the automotive and appliances fields.</p> <p>He attended the University of Michigan, and then worked with the molded plastics division of Reynolds Spring


Simmons, Peter M.

<p>Simmons served as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in 1957.</p>