The plastics manuscript collections include personal papers and company records related to the development of the plastics industry, mostly in the United States. The collections contain product and process designs and patents; printed company advertising and published catalogues; technical specifications and reports; and papers, articles and other writings by a variety of notable individuals.

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Alan Griffiths Soap Box Collection

Collection of plastic containers for soap


Amorosi Family Collection

Collection contains pencil drawings of comb designs presumably drawn by George and/or Samuel Amorosi; bound volume of photopies of sketches; and 2 photographs, of George Amorosi and Samuel Amorosi.


Armand G. Winfield Papers

Collection contains the professional and personal papers of Armand G. Winfield. It focuses on the client files of Winfield's consulting company, which he formed in 1964.


Bakelite Collection

Collection contains correspondence, printed material, and technical reports related to the Bakelite Corporation.


Bruce H. Maddock Papers

Personal patents, writings, and schematics from Union Carbide Plastics Division employee Bruce H. Maddock.


Ed Michaels Papers

Collection contains papers, reports and newspaper articles on resin transfer molding, including the renovation of the Truman balcony at the White House; photographs and slides from Michaels' career and the products he created; and videotapes.


Edward Hellmich Papers

Photographs, company documents, memorabilia and artifacts relating to Edward J. Hellmich, co-founder of The Branchell Company and Hellmich Manufacturing Corp, which designed, manufactured, and sold melamine dinnerware


Evarts G. Loomis Company Collection of Hydraulic Sheeter Drawings

Collection consists of copies of 16 drawings, a materials list, and instructions for installation, operations and maintenance related to a hydraulic sheeter.


F. Reed Estabrook Papers

Contains the personal and professional papers of F. Reed Estabrook, businessman in the plastics field.


F. W. Gray Comb Designs

Collection consists of two scrapbooks containing templates of designs for plastic hair combs. The templates are pasted onto the pages of printed books.


Foster Grant Collection

Foster Grant was an American plastics molding and manufacturing firm specializing in eyewear. Originally founded in 1919 by Sam Foster to produce ladies hair accessories, the first piece of eyewear sold in 1929 at the Woolworth in Atlantic City. Collection contains company publications and sales materials including a training binder from the 1970s containing photographs and handwritten directions on how to create an epoxy mold; and photographs of die molds, Foster Grant products from World War II and sales displays.


George Friese Collection of Plastics Union Ephemera

Collection consists of union-related pieces of ephemera from George Friese’s career in the plastics industry in the Leominster, Massachusetts area.


George Marshall Papers

Collection contains correspondence from Wasco Chemical from 1959, photographs of plastics manufacturing facilities, plastics industry-related publications, and piping diagrams for a factory for Great American Plastics in Fitchburg, MA.


Gerard Designs Collection of Mold Drawings

Collection consists of drawings of molds created by Gerard Designs for various companies in the plastics and other industries. Most drawings contain initials of Robert McGee.


Irwin Casper Collection of Brush Product Literature

Collection contains catalogs and product literature on various brands of hair brushes, combs, toothbrushes, household brushes, and industrial brushes from American and international companies.


J. Harry DuBois Papers

Collection consists of the personal and professional papers of J. Harry DuBois, covering his long career in the plastics industry. It includes scrapbooks and photograph albums of his family and world-wide travel for business, photographs and slides, and audio and film reels.


Jack E. Hill Papers

Correspondence, technical reports, biographical material of the American plastics engineer


Jack Milgrom Papers

Collection consists largely of published material and reports collected and written by Jack Milgrom on the subjects of plastics in general, and specifically on the use of plastics in packaging and the recycling of plastics, as well as utility scrap and recycling in the auto industry.


James A. E. Halkett Papers

Artifacts and a few papers related to plastics engineer James A. E. Halkett.


John Morgan Collection of Casein Artifacts

Collection of casein plastic artifacts