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American Hospital Supply Company

<p>The American Hospital Supply Company, based in Evanston, Illinois,&nbsp; was one of the leaders in the development of one-use disposable plastic objects in the early 1960s.&nbsp; In 1962 the comapny created injection molded polystyrene razors, thumb fo


American Insulator Co.

<p>The American Insulator Company was established by Emile Hemming, Sr., who while in France developed the art of cold molding, producing the first record disc there in 1900. He came to America in 1908 and pioneered the use of cold-molded plastics in elec


American Optical Co.

<p>The Instrument Division in Buffalo, NY developed the Spencer Hb-Meter to give physicians a method of making hemoglobin determinations in less than three minutes.&nbsp;&nbsp; Compression molded Lucite acrylic was used for the two halves of the meter cas


American Plastics Corp.

American Plastics Corp. produced Ameroid and Karolith casein. In the 1950s American Plastics Corp. produced the Spaulding line of melamine dishes.


American Playground

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American Polymers

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American Safety Razor Co.

<p>Information on this company is not currently available.</p>


American Stationery Co.

The American Stationery company based in Peru, Illinois, has been a leading provider of personalized stationery and related products direct to the consumer. American Stationery is a manufacturer, not a re-seller, with a brick and mortar facility in Peru,


American Thermos Products Co.

<p>Invented in 1892 by Sir James Dewar, the "vacuum flask" was not manufactured for commercial use until 1904, when two German glass blowers formed Thermos GmbH, which in 1907 sold the Thermos trademark rights to three independent companies: The American


American Zylonite Company

The American Zylonite Company was founded in 1881 in the agricultural village of Howland, the northernmost village of Adams, Massachusetts, to manufacture cellulose nitrate plastic products under license from Daniel Spill's British Xylonite Company. This


Amoco Chemical

<p>Produced Avi-sun, Olane, Olefil, oleflo, Oleflow, Oleform, Olemer, oletremp and Olex polypropylene.</p> <p>See:</p> <p>Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. <em>Facts and Figures of the Plastics Industry</em>, 1979 edition (New York, 1979), 139.</p>


Amos-Thompson Corp.

<p>Amos-Thompson Corp.</p> <p>Like many early plastics companies, the Amos-Thompson Corporation began as something else and gradually moved into the plastics field as demand for plastics materials and manufacturing technology improved. Amos-Thompson had i


Amphenol Product, American Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) Corp.

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Anchor Precision Products, Inc.

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Andersen Corporation

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Angelo Brothers Co.

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Applied Plastics Division, Keystone Brass Works

<p>This Erie, Pennsylvania company manufactured the 'Restraware' and 'Suburban' melamine kitchenware lines.</p>



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